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A large portion of internet merchants now offer a number of different means of delivery in moments. The most common way is to bring the order to a package shop, where you can pick up your order yourself when it suits you best. The shipping method is really simple, and often also the cheapest form of delivery.

You should alternatively weigh up the pros and cons of choosing delivery to your home or to the address at your work. The freight type will regrettably be a notch more expensive, but on the other hand really painless. However, the cheapest type of freight is to pick up the goods yourself, but that option is conditional on you being near the internet companys working warehouse.

Quite a lot of internet outlets advertise 1 weekday delivery on a large number of their item numbers, but remember that this requires the order to be submitted before a fixed time, so that they can safely get the order to the shipping company before the warehouse employees go home.

Several online outlets guarantee 1 day shipping

It has proven to be particularly hassle-free for people to find the lowest prices from several online companies and for that reason the majority of online webshops have been forced to reduce the sales value of especially their best-in-test products – for girls and boys, and at the same time for women and men – drastically, and sometimes even promise free delivery.

It can be lucrative from time to time to check various internet outlets for offers before you complete your shopping, so that you are sure to get the best price.

However, one must not forget that if an e-retailer offers a product for a price that can be seen as infinitely favorable, this could in some cases be a sign of an inauthentic e-retailer. Orders with payment cards are, however, covered by a regulation which protects the buyer against fraudulent internet retailers.

We recommend ordering by card or mobile payment. Alternatively, you should use an offer such as ViaBill when you aim to cover the money in several installments.

Before people order from an online shop, they undoubtedly need to familiarize themselves with the shops rules, but that is often not interesting.

Another suggestion could therefore be to check whether the online company is e-mark approved, because it should be a declaration that the internet company accepts the applicable Danish rules, and that the e-retailer is occasionally evaluated by experts who have expertise within the rules. This is also a good reason for support if you experience dilemmas with your order.

In addition, we suggest that you are knowledgeable about the most basic conditions that have an impact on the order, for example which exchange policy the website uses. Therefore, it is also relevant that you permanently store your receipt by e-mail, so that you will later be able to confirm your shopping, whether you are shopping for a girl or a boy.

An indication that the internet company recognizes the Danish guidelines

Trustpilot provides perfectly suitable chances to dust off a lot of current users observations and therefore we recommend that you observe the internet shops assessments beforehand for you to act.

Facebook also gives you fully appealing methods to gain insight into the internet retailers popularity. In addition to that, we actually meet online shops that give customers the opportunity to submit an assessment of their purchase, which should also be used to assess how happy the customers are.

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